Aphrodite, Queen of Angels

Aphrodite, is the goddess of love and beauty. She is also the ruler of the Angel World.

Personality and BackgroundEdit

Aphrodite is unable to leave the angel world and must rely on Limone and the Love Angels to ward off the devils. Though Aphrodite is unable to leave the Angel World she is still a kind goddess for she gives help and support to Wedding Peach and the other Love Angels that needs her help.


Aphrodite is the Queen of the Angel World. Celeste who became human (she was unaware of her being an angel) when the war between the angels and the devils happened is her sister. She erased the Love Angel's and Limone's memory in the last episode in the second season. In Wedding Peach DX she made the Love Angel's memories return to them because of the new evil that was coming.


Aphrodite can erase people's memories just like what she did to Limone and the Love Angel's but she can also awaken their memories if needed to.


  • Celeste / Sakura Hanasaki

Celeste is the younger sister of Aphrodite.

Momoko/Wedding Peach is the princess of the Angel World because her mother, Celeste is the sister of Aphrodite, making Momoko her niece.

Limone is the servant of Aphrodite since Aphrodite is unable to leave The Angel World she sent Limone to help ward off the evil together with the Love Angels and also to watch over the Love Angels.

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