Celeste in Human Form

Celeste in Human Form

Celeste also known as in her human form Sakura Hanasaki is the mother of Momoko.

Personality and BackgroundEdit

Celeste is an angel and younger sister to Aphrodite, thereby making Momoko a princess. Prior to the series, Celeste participated in a battle between the angels and devils. She soon fell to the Human World after trying to defeat the devil, Uragano, she fell to Earth and lost her memory. She then met a photographer named Shouichiro. He cared for her while she was still recovering from the battle and they soon fell in love and got married. Three years later, after Momoko was born, Celeste, who had taken the name Sakura, regained her memories as an angel and had to return to the Angel World. She left behind her ring, which had been part of the Saint Something Four. Another few years later, she returns and explains to her daughter why she had left.

Aphrodite gives her sister the day off so she can spend time with her family. Later she used up her love wave to save Momoko from a brainwashed Yousuke who transformed into Viento after she discovers his transformation before she goes into a deep sleep for the second time. She is later seen with Aphrodite watching over the human world after her daughter and Yousuke's love saves the world.

In Wedding Peach DX, she eventually leaves the Angel World to live with them permanently and also assists her daughter in the 4th and last episode.



Celeste in Angel Form

Just like Momoko and the other Love Angels, Celeste is also an Angel but when she came to live with Momoko and her father, Shouichiro, her powers whether she retained them or not are still unknown. But she uses her powers to protect Momoko from being attacked by Yousuke as Viento at the cost of her energy leading her from her deep sleep.


  • Momoko Hanasaki

Momoko is Celeste's only daughter and since Celeste is an angel and a sister of Aphrodite, Momoko then is a princess in the Angel World.

  • Aphrodite

Aphrodite is Celeste's older sister and the Queen of The Angel World.

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