The Devil World

The Devil World

The Devil WorldEdit

The Devil World is one of three worlds that exist and it is by far the most dangerous world of them all. Angels and Devils have never been able to co-exist and because of that fact, the worlds remained seperate. Reine Devila, is the tyrannical ruler of the Devil World and has many followers who agree with her hatred of love and all that is good, according to the Angel World. The Devil World believes that the Saint Something Four are an evil device that could wipe out all the devils and so they all wish to retrieve it and have it destroyed. This belief comes from Reine Devila after she believed that the Angel's she saw used it against her.


There have been 35 devils that have appeared in the series. There are devils that are considered leaders and then there are those devils who work for them. All devils are under the control of Reine Devila - either out of loyalty or because they don't want to die, but generally it's because they believe that she's right about the Angel World and the Saint Something Four.

There are 8 devils that are considered the leaders, who work directly under Reine Devila. These are: