Reine Devila

Reine Devila, Queen of Devils

Reine Devila is the leader of the Devil World (her name is French for "Queen Devil"). Her greatest desire is to destroy all love and subjugate the angel world. In the anime, it is revealed that years ago she ventured into the Angel World and fell in love with an angel at first sight, who later became another angel's husband. With that event, they both unknowingly banished Reine Devila out of the Angel World. Ever since, Reine Devila has wanted to kill all those who love.

Her backstory and subplot do not exist in the manga; she is simply depicted as a tyrannical ruler. In the anime, she is purified and lives as a normal devil; in the manga, she is purified and put in a long sleep. It is hoped on waking that she will protect the Devil World the way Aphrodite does for the Angel World.