Uragano is the legendary pure devil and leader of the Revolve Tribe who leads the devils against the angels during the ensuing war and Yousuke's father. He appears in his son's flashback where he gave the golden bell to him before he departs back to the Devil World.

He has two seiyus in Japanese version while in the English Version he is voiced by Richard Kraft.


Uragano leads the devils against the angels from the Angel World during the ensuing war long ago and nearly destroys the Angel Castle where Aphrodite resides. He manages to dispatch Lily, Daisy and Salvia in a ensuing fight after demonstrating his true devil powers and combat. In desperation to kill the angels, he and Angel Celeste clashing with their powerful waves and knocks both to the human world in a process. Uragano becomes a human who also lost his memory like Celeste who later falls in love with a human woman (Yousuke's mother) and had a son named Yousuke and works as the Captain of the cruise ship in which his human surname was Fuuma. When Yousuke was 4 years old, Uragano gives him the golden bell as a memento of him before he departs back to the devil world knowing that loving with others is the right thing. Reine Devila who is now the queen of the entire Devil World discovers Uragano's feelings of love within him who is now soft. She sends her minion group which is a part of her hatred orders to obliterate him and it succeeds in killing him.

He later appears in Episode 49 as the spirit comes out of his golden bell after seeing his son Yousuke who is now grown up and transformed into the devil, Viento who is attacked by the same people who killed him by Reine Devila's orders. He tells his son and the Love Angels about what happened a few years ago during the war between the angels and the devils as well as Reine Devila' reign in the Devil World. He instructs his son to fight and defeat Reine Devila to return the Devil World back to it's former glory and he uses the last of his strength to release the Love Angels after his spirit disappears.


Uragano's devil powers are demonstrated in "Mama's Coming Home" where he manages to send the Love Angels flying away. He manipulates dark energy and is equal to Angel Celeste in which they clashed with their waves. He is also a powerful swordsman where he nearly destroys the Angel's Castle using dark projectiles and dispersing angels. His devil powers and sword combat carries over to his son Yousuke/Viento after his death in the hands of group of Reine Devila's part of hatred.