Wedding Peach- I Tanti Segreti Di Un Cuore inamorato (Wedding Peach- The Many Secrets Of A Heart In Love) is the Italian dub of the anime Wedding Peach. The dub aired on Italia 1 from August 4- September 29, 2000.

Changes Edit

Many changes were made to the Italian Dub:

  • Some Japanese text shown is either replaced with Italian text, left blanked, replaced with other scenes, or cut out, while other scenes Japanese text are visible. Landmarks are also changed.
  • Most of the original names are changed to more Italian sounding names.
  • Transformation and attack names are changed.
  • All Japanese songs are replaced with new music. Japanese songs heard during certain scenes in episodes are replaced with attack and transformation music from different episodes
  • While all transformation sequences are retain, other nudity in the show is edited to not be seen

Wedding Peach DX Edit

Wedding Peach DX was dubbed In Italy in 1999, a year before the Italian dub of Wedding Peach was released. All character and transformation names and original content are kept.

Name Changes Edit

Momoko Hanasaki- Sunrose

Yuri Tanima- Lily

Hinagiku Tamino- Daisy

Scarlet O'Hara- Scarlet

Yousuke Fuuma/ Viento- Alex/ Vento

Kazuya Yanagiba/ Limone- Nicholas/ Aaron

Takuro Amano- Terence

Sakura Hanasaki- Elizabeth

Raindevila- Oscuria

Pluie- Dark

Sandra- Eterno

Igneous- Edgar

Hiromi Kawanami/ Potamos- Jenny

Gozaburo Iwamato/ Petora- Geraldo/ Mantide

Kachusha- Kristel